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Brooklyn Porridge Co. is scouting locations and developing nourishing recipes for a year round location. Please stay tuned for news and updates and follow/like us on social media.

We miss you and look forward to serving you soon! 

Porridge is the ultimate comfort food! A common bond connecting us all – timeless, ageless, local, global, ancient and modern.

At Brooklyn Porridge Co, we are committed to sourcing and serving healthy, delicious and sustainable food in earth friendly packaging.

Every bowl we serve is both good for your body and good for our globe.

Karyn Tori Seltzer, Owner/Founder


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6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Porridge Co.

  1. Patricia Bart

    My mother used to make us a fabulous hot drink when we were late for school…..she’d make Cream of Wheat and dilute it down with enough warm milk to make it drinkable from a mug, rather than having us eat it with a spoon from a bowl. She’d add butter and sugar and it was absolutely delicious. We’d drink it in the car on the way to school and by the time we got there we’d be full with a warm tummy. I’ve often wondered if anyone who owns a coffee stand has thought of selling a hot breakfast drink like that.

    1. Karyn Seltzer

      Hi Patricia!
      Thank you for sharing your memories and for the great idea! It sounds delicious! We will see what we can come up with!
      Our best wishes for a happy, healthy new year!

  2. Bridget Goldschmidt

    Thanks for making me and my mother (we were the ones who dropped in on Sunday, on our way to a film screening at the Brooklyn Public Library, for creamy grits with butter and oatmeal with spicy pumpkin and pumpkin seeds) feel so welcome. Long live porridge!

    Bridget Goldschmidt
    Far Rockaway, NY

  3. PorridgeIsPeople

    Hi–years ago, when I was a teen, my family spent a few weeks at the SYDA Foundation ashram up in the Catskills. For breakfast they served an incredible savory millet porridge with ginger, coriander and fenugreek that I managed to replicate just last year. It is so good that I have remembered it for thirty years. Try playing around with those flavors and some millet. People will love it.


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