“This is porridge like I’ve never had before!” —Sandy Eames, SBA Advisor, New York, NY

“This porridge is blowing my mind.” —Jon, Web Designer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“You feel good after you eat this food.” —Miles, Brooklyn, NY

“This place smells like love. It feels like walking into a hug.” —Jasmine, Brooklyn NY

“Thank you for dedicated gluten-free awesomeness!” —Melissa, Brooklyn, NY

“Seriously, go in try everything.” —Maryanne D., New York, NY

“It’s a porridge movement.” — Bobby McCormick, New York, NY

“Needed quick, warm meal before Union Hall & I was delighted to find this cheery little place across the street.  I had a savory porridge~ grits with truffle oil, artichoke hearts, shaved parmesan & almonds.  Also had the hot apple cider. Both were delish! Staff was very helpful, enthusiastic, & super nice. Great neighborhood joint!” —Molly R., Brooklyn, NY

“Magic happens in this store.” —Antonella Zangheri, Krumville Bake Shop owner, Brooklyn, NY

“This place has opened up a whole new world of savory, nourishing deliciousness. I appreciate how porridge has been consumed throughout history by many different cultures. I can taste the connection to all of that warmth. Brooklyn Porridge Co. is Comfort Food Central Headquarters U.S.A. as far as I’m concerned.” —Christine Hillman-Love, Bikram Yoga Park Slope Instructor, Brooklyn, NY

“Peaceful atmosphere, friendly service, and amazing food, with a wide variety choice menu. Highly recommend this place!” —Mikhail B., Brooklyn, NY

“You can tell that the quality of the ingredients are very important here. It’s all about sourcing the best and healthiest ingredients, which I very much appreciate. I wish there’d been a place like this in my neighborhood when I lived in NY. It’s perfect for picking up a healthy breakfast on the way to work or an easy dinner on the way home.” —Jessica Becker, Providence, RI

“I wanted to post a shout out for the delicious pop-up cafe, Brooklyn Porridge Co., which is where Uncle Louis G’s is in the spring/summer on Union/5th Ave. I’ve been there a few times now, and it’s great. I have no affiliation with the place. I just enjoyed it and want to support good food options in the neighborhood!” —Park Slope Parents

“This is my kind of food. It’s wholesome, delicious and gluten free. I love the variety of toppings they offer as you can change it all up and have something that could stand as a main course or as a dessert, depending on what you choose to put on top of your grains. I can’t wait to go back and try their waffles now!” —Helen Kim, New York, NY

“This falls under the ‘why didn’t someone think of this before’ category. Delicious, wholesome, gluten-free (I don’t care about that, but I’m sure many people do) with toppings that range from breakfast-y to lunchy-y to dessert-y. Prices are good, place is cute, people are friendly. Such a perfect addition to the neighborhood. Love it!” —Nicole Gimmel, New York, NY

“Delicious, comforting, and unique! I had the amaranth with cheese, ham & apples. I will most certainly return for more helpings of yummy goodness and customer-centric warmth.” —Shameeka Mattis, Brooklyn, NY

“Absolutely an amazing place, fantastic choice, great service and atmosphere. Thank you. We have been telling people about you here in France.” —Dawn Allen, France

“The healthiest and most delicious comfort food that I have ever had!” —Sharon Bear, New York, NY

“Brooklyn Porridge is a culinary haven for people like me with gluten and dairy issues. I can eat EVERYTHING on the menu, and Emily and Karyn help you figure out new combinations to try. Yum!” —Gunther Oakey, Brooklyn, NY

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